Working With Buyers in the Age of Information

Have you ever used your smart phone to settle an argument? To find out that little fact nugget that you’re blanking on at the moment? To look up what the name of that actor was is that movie? We all know that in the digital age, everyone seems to have answers to everything at their fingertips. This is especially evident in the Real Estate industry where there are multiple apps and websites that are free to any user that knows how to navigate a smart phone, tablet, or the internet. Back in the days where the Multiple Listing Service put out bound paper books, the only people with access to these books were agents. Now, we have the same information that everyone else does (but we get it sooner and it’s more accurate).

Third party websites such as Zillow and Trulia and get property information from a multitude of sources including Public Records. My husband and I bought a home in October of 2012 and the public record town website still does not have us listed as the homeowner. It’s March. Public Record is a little behind. This is why you still need a Realtor. *wink*

Buyers call us up with a tremendous amount of knowledge. They know what they want (for example, a 3 bedroom house is a nice neighborhood with a flat back yard and a pool. And, oh! We need it for under $250,000) and chances are they’ve already searched the internet and done research on their town(s) of interest. Buyers may have been watching a house in their neighborhood waiting for the price to drop or for the perfect moment to make an offer. Often, buyers call us with a list of homes they want to see and don’t even give us a chance to show them others that we think they might be interested in based on their criteria. I was this buyer. I drove our agent crazy (and she reminds me of that daily!) with email after email saying things like, “Drove by this one today! There’s a sign! Can we go see it?” or, “Did you know this just came on? I saw it on Zillow.” (Yes, she knew. And she knew a week ago.).

Buyers are educated and hold their cards close to the vest. Realtors may need to have carefully worded discussions about how we’re on their side. We are a team. And we took an oath to put the needs of our clients ahead of our own needs. My clients are important to me. I don’t have set hours. I work nights and weekends. You can email me any time. I make sure my clients are getting the best possible service and when we part ways after a successful closing, I want you to have had a positive experience, remember me in a positive light, and tell everyone you know that your home-buying experience was stress free and easy. I want you to think me when it comes to real estate services and if you can’t do that, then I’m not doing my job correctly.

If you’re thinking about buying, now is the time to do it. We believe the market is heading back up. The low of the low has arrived. If you want to take advantage of the low market, start your search today. And if you don’t believe me, here’s a link to an article on that thing called the internet that tells you so.


Allyson Kane is a certified professional Realtor(R) licensed in the State of Connecticut. Having lived in the area for nearly 20-years, Allyson brings hometown knowledge together with her corporate marketing background and passion for the real estate industry to provide her clients with the best professional service in northern Fairfield and southern Litchfield counties. If you’re in the market for a new home and are ready to take the next step in your search, contact Allyson today. 

From Marketing to Real Estate. Why?

I’m often asked why I chose to get into this field… especially now with all the market trends the way they’ve been. Call it a leap of faith. Call it following a passion. Call it crazy. All of the above are true.

What’s also true is that these two businesses are so closely related. Realtors are marketers. We are marketing your property so it gets exposure – and not just plain old exposure, but the right exposure to the right buyers. We are marketing ourselves to potential clients. Why should you list with me? Why should you choose me to represent you as a buyer? These are all questions I answer daily.

As a Realtor, we’re responsible for ourselves, our listings, and our clients. We are aligned with Brokers that trust us to represent them. We are people that are not just marketing a product, but marketing a business, a brand, an industry overall.

I have over 12-years experience in marketing. Over the course of those 12-years the internet has gone from being something we used to check email (one email account for the entire office) to something that without access to, our daily lives come to a screeching halt. I’ve been responsible for marketing plans that started out with line items such as ‘Mailing 1, Mailing 2, Postcard 1, Postcard 2’. If I handed that marketing plan to a Marketing Director today, they’d laugh. Where are the targeted media buys? Where are the email blasts? Where is the social media strategy? My how things have changed!

As a Realtor, I’m ready to leverage my background knowledge to propel me forward in my new career. And the fun is really just beginning.

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