From Marketing to Real Estate. Why?

I’m often asked why I chose to get into this field… especially now with all the market trends the way they’ve been. Call it a leap of faith. Call it following a passion. Call it crazy. All of the above are true.

What’s also true is that these two businesses are so closely related. Realtors are marketers. We are marketing your property so it gets exposure – and not just plain old exposure, but the right exposure to the right buyers. We are marketing ourselves to potential clients. Why should you list with me? Why should you choose me to represent you as a buyer? These are all questions I answer daily.

As a Realtor, we’re responsible for ourselves, our listings, and our clients. We are aligned with Brokers that trust us to represent them. We are people that are not just marketing a product, but marketing a business, a brand, an industry overall.

I have over 12-years experience in marketing. Over the course of those 12-years the internet has gone from being something we used to check email (one email account for the entire office) to something that without access to, our daily lives come to a screeching halt. I’ve been responsible for marketing plans that started out with line items such as ‘Mailing 1, Mailing 2, Postcard 1, Postcard 2’. If I handed that marketing plan to a Marketing Director today, they’d laugh. Where are the targeted media buys? Where are the email blasts? Where is the social media strategy? My how things have changed!

As a Realtor, I’m ready to leverage my background knowledge to propel me forward in my new career. And the fun is really just beginning.

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